Awareness + Possibility + Future Distinct From Past = Creativity

2by Chris Block, ALF Silicon Valley

What if seeing the unlimited possibilities that already exist is the essence of creativity?

The answer to every question and the solution to every problem already exist. The question, then, is not are you smart enough or savvy enough to solve the problem, but are you aware enough to discover the answers and uncover the possibilities?

I find this very reassuring because this is a human-scale challenge. To create possibilities feels god-like; to become aware of possibilities that already exist seems very doable indeed.

But there are a number of obstacles that stand in the way of meeting the challenge:

Extreme busyness causes us to react and take shortcuts.

Lots of stress causes us to take the limited view.

General isolation separates us from those that could help us most.

Individual isolation disconnects us from our being.

Lack of relationship leads to extreme cautiousness.

It is precisely because of these reasons and more that the American Leadership Forum uses different tools—from 7-minute talks to dialogue to mindfulness to powerful questions—to help people see with fresh eyes the possibilities that already exist.

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