Klamath Basin Water Rights

This video gives an overview of the ALF Oregon October 5 & 6 gathering to discuss the Klamath Basin water rights.  It’s a very complicated issue that is a perfect case study for the type of leadership opportunities that are present in America, today.  These issues touch upon all of the values which were addressed in the book.

1st Female CEO at Major Automaker

Mary BarraUSA Today Article on Mary Barra

According to USA Today, Mary Barra is rumored to be the first female CEO at a major automaker, General Motors.  Automobiles have been around for the better part of 200 years and the auto industry has employed people from different backgrounds for a long time.  All eyes will be on Mary when she inherits the struggling auto giant.  Why has it taken this industry so long to have a female CEO?  What are some other industries that have never had a female CEO in a major company?  What does this teach us about the relationship between the appreciation of diversity and leadership today?

Gender Pay Gap Narrowing

gender payGender Pay Gap Narrowing

It’s 2013 and one of the most important issues that we don’t talk about is the gender pay parity.  It’s 2013 and we still don’t have pay parity between men and women in America.  Why is this the case and what will it take for this to change?


by Erik Nilsson

mandelaNelson Mandela was one of the dozen most important people of the 20th Century, and if I could look in a history book 50 years from now, it would say that the nearly bloodless South African revolution was one of the single greatest examples of leadership in human history, and the example of a self-catalyzing nationalism not built around hatred is the single most important response to fascism and other forms of ethnic hatred-based civil collapse of the 20th Century.
In Cape Town, in 1994, I heard him speak. He said, “in the polling place, we discovered an important thing: that we were South Africans.” That was his message: democracy is more than just a legitimacy machine, it is the means by which an ethnically diverse people become a nation.

Knowing he’s gone… it makes me feel tired. There aren’t any others like him and there won’t be another soon.