Female Solidarity for More Candidates

Article: Senate Women Help Female Candidates

Female CandidatesAccording to this article, even though women outnumber men in society 50.8 percent to 49.1 percent, they account for only 20 out of 100 current U.S. Senators.  Even though 20 current Senators is an all time record,  since 1922, there have only been a total of 44 women to serve as U.S. Senators.  Today’s, women Senators are working hard to change this.  What type of leadership needs to occur to have more equitable gender numbers? Do women candidates face different obstacles than men?

Leadership & Poverty

Article on Shifting Demographics on Poverty


According to this article, even though overall poverty has dropped from 27% in 1967 to 16% in 2012, the demographics have shifted.  Today, less Blacks and elderly are in poverty, more Hispanics and Whites are in poverty, and poverty in America is more evenly dispersed regionally, but still greatest in the South.  As America embraces for the challenges of the future, what type of leadership do we need to realistically reduce poverty in America?