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EWKALhardcover_cover_finalThousands of people serving their communities all over America have discovered surprising things about leadership: it’s much more about listening than directing, more about learning than knowing, more about willingness to deeply challenge themselves than any special inborn qualities—and that grasping all this is a rewarding practice that never ends.

Here you’ll read some of their stories, and how the American Leadership Forum (ALF) provides a transformative experience that powerfully shapes their vision of what service to the common good truly means, and what it asks of us as leaders. This book also invites you into their dialogue on effective leadership, framed by powerful questions that command their attention in the face of today’s extraordinary challenges.

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“Right now, we need stories of courageous leadership—and the guidance they offer — more than ever. The powerful lessons in this work can help each of us build our strengths. Thank you!”
Frances Moore Lappé | Small Planet Institute 

“Many of us find it difficult to move out of our silos, if we even think of doing it at all. This book explores ALF’s unique process for helping leaders understand how to bridge divides, create new networks of unusual allies and help generate new thinking around system stalemates.”
C.S. Park | Director, Seagate Technology

“I participated in ALF soon after being elected to the Houston City Council, but after years of work as a community activist and experience heading many non-profit groups. My experience helped me communicate and work toward goals in new ways. The close bonds I was able to forge with a diverse array of leaders affected how I understand the world and how I continue to act today. The network of those with the shared ALF bond has been a resource in tackling tough problems.

Everything We Know About Leadership serves to remind readers of one of the most important lessons I have learned: a true leader has agreed to accept the challenge of leading. Too often what we call leadership is following from the front.”
Annise Parker | Mayor, Houston, Texas

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