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This week marks the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon.  When most people think of this historic event, they think of Neil Armstrong being the first human to walk on the moon.  But it was John F. Kennedy’s, “We Choose to go to the Moon” speech that made it all possible.  It could be argued that his speech on this issue was one of America’s greatest examples of leadership in the 20th century.

Audiobook Available

EWKALhardcover_cover_finalEverything We Know About Leadership: Is Less Than We Still Have To Learn Released As Audiobook

Haven’t gotten around to reading the American Leadership Forum’s new book on leadership? Now you have a new choice—just listen to it. Amazon has recently posted the Audible version of Everything We Know About Leadership: Is Less Than We Still Have To Learn.

The audiobook is voiced by Doug Mackey, Marguerite Giguere, Aaron Jacobs, Xola Malik, and Heather Young and runs 4 hours and 45 minutes.  You’ll learn how the American Leadership Forum (ALF) started in Houston and spread across the country, and what’s been learned about leading in America over the past quarter century.

Thousands of people serving their communities through ALF have discovered surprising things about leadership: it’s much more about listening than directing, more about learning than knowing, more about willingness to deeply challenge themselves than any special inborn qualities – and that grasping all this is a rewarding practice that never ends.

A project of the National ALF board, the book defines leadership, analyzes how it is applied, and then looks to the future in what the authors hope will be a continuing, interactive conversation. It was written by Jeff Golden in dialogue with Sharon Babcock, Chris Block, Kent Snyder, Robin Teater, and Anne Udall. The audio book can be ordered for $14.95 at www.audible.com. Or join the dialogue about leadership at everythingweknowaboutleadership.org.

The print version of Everything We Know About Leadership:Is Less Than We Still Have To Learn was published last fall, and a 141 page paperback version is available at amazon.com for $12.99.  Or download it from Kindle for $9.99.

In the book’s foreword, Peter Block comments, “What I appreciate about the ALF approach is its intentional focus on bringing compassion and care to the whole community–all citizens and all institutions.”  The book also has dozens of examples of leadership in action, with practical approaches profiled about ALF seniors fellows and how they’ve come together to create positive change.

Redskins: All in a Name?

wrsPeople across America are debating whether or not the Washington Redskins of the National Football League (NFL) should change their name. Some people find the name offensive, some do not. What do you think the football team should do? Why? What role do you think America’s Native American communities should play in this decision? It would be great to hear from some of the ALF Native American senior fellows.


MLK’s Children Court Battle

Martin Luther King’s Legacy: Children In New Court Battle Over Intellectual Property And Memorabilia

Groundbreaking Ceremony Held For MLK Memorial

According to the preceding article, the King family is in court over estate issues.  Often when we think about leadership, we think about groups, organizations, and communities; but it could be argued that the most important leadership is the type that occurs in families. Squabbles over estates are normal, should the King family be held to a different standard? What type of leadership is needed to solve these problems?

Female Solidarity for More Candidates

Article: Senate Women Help Female Candidates

Female CandidatesAccording to this article, even though women outnumber men in society 50.8 percent to 49.1 percent, they account for only 20 out of 100 current U.S. Senators.  Even though 20 current Senators is an all time record,  since 1922, there have only been a total of 44 women to serve as U.S. Senators.  Today’s, women Senators are working hard to change this.  What type of leadership needs to occur to have more equitable gender numbers? Do women candidates face different obstacles than men?

Leadership & Poverty

Article on Shifting Demographics on Poverty


According to this article, even though overall poverty has dropped from 27% in 1967 to 16% in 2012, the demographics have shifted.  Today, less Blacks and elderly are in poverty, more Hispanics and Whites are in poverty, and poverty in America is more evenly dispersed regionally, but still greatest in the South.  As America embraces for the challenges of the future, what type of leadership do we need to realistically reduce poverty in America?