“Right now, we need stories of courageous leadership—and the guidance they offer — more than ever. The powerful lessons in this work can help each of us build our strengths. Thank you!”
Frances Moore Lappé | Small Planet Institute 

“Many of us find it difficult to move out of our silos, if we even think of doing it at all. This book explores ALF’s unique process for helping leaders understand how to bridge divides, create new networks of unusual allies and help generate new thinking around system stalemates.”
C.S. Park | Director, Seagate Technology

“I participated in ALF soon after being elected to the Houston City Council, but after years of work as a community activist and experience heading many non-profit groups. My experience helped me communicate and work toward goals in new ways. The close bonds I was able to forge with a diverse array of leaders affected how I understand the world and how I continue to act today. The network of those with the shared ALF bond has been a resource in tackling tough problems.

Everything We Know About Leadership serves to remind readers of one of the most important lessons I have learned: a true leader has agreed to accept the challenge of leading. Too often what we call leadership is following from the front.”
Annise Parker | Mayor, Houston, Texas

“The ALF leadership experience is unlike any other. There is a deep and sophisticated understanding of the tough challenges we face today, and ALF offers the time, creates the space, and gives the tools and guidance needed for leaders to become not simply powerful, but transformative. This book reveals and explains the foundational elements that created this unique and dynamic program.”
Dr. Greg Papadopoulos | Venture Partner, New Enterprise Associates

Everything We Know About Leadership is a remarkable and inspiring chronicle about leaders coming together in amazingly creative and value-driven ways, across every divide imaginable, to serve the common good. It is also an inviting cookbook that is applicable for leaders anywhere wanting to explore a different style and substance of leadership whether in high school, college, graduate school, or any venue. It makes clear how small groups working collaboratively can not only be exponentially more effective than old school forms, but can also find beneficial and generous solutions that no traditional leader can. This beautifully written book stands out as a great contribution to the field.”
John Steiner | Founding Member, Transpartisan Center 

“This book distills for me what I have learned about leadership through ALF (or have forgotten). That it will extend and enrich through an ongoing future dialogue what hundreds throughout the country have learned from their ALF experience is very exciting.”
Jack Peterson | President, Bellarmine Preparatory School

“There is no better laboratory of leadership than the 30 years of work that the American Leadership Forum has undertaken. The impact on the thousands of community leaders who have engaged in this systematic, thoughtful and profound experience of servant leadership is immeasurable. The writing of this book is a natural evolution of the ALF community engaging leaders for the purpose of developing a more robust and socially responsible community of leadership that will start, attempt, undertake and initiate the next great evolution of our communities.”
Joe Lawless | Executive Director, Center for Leadership & Social Responsibility, Milgard School of Business, University of Washington Tacoma

Everything We Know About Leadership is inspiring, textured, and authentic. It gives the reader a lived sense of how the tension of difference fuels growth in leaders, how true dialogue is forged in contemplation, and how the historical context surrounding the founding of the American Leadership Forum seeded the launch of class after class of participants. Anyone interested in renewing their experience as a leader, those ready to put an end to the isolation that can come with achievement, and people primed for substantive hope of what ‘we’ can accomplish will find themselves in this book.”
Leticia Nieto, Psy.D. | Author, Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment: A Developmental Strategy to Liberate Everyone

Everything We Know About Leadership is an expression of ALF’s promise to ‘strengthen capacities for community change.’ The book provides a honest review of what we know, what we think we know, and what we need to know about leadership interconnectedness. ALF isn’t afraid to test its value. Each Senior Fellow strives to provoke change and be accountable for their community. It’s only natural for ALF to turn inward and expect these things from its organizational self.”
Julie Anderson | Auditor, Pierce County, Washington

Everything We Know About Leadership and the American Leadership Forum do not present us with a new leadership philosophy or prescription. Instead, they bring us to the center of what we intuitively know it takes to bring about transformational change in our communities. Through personal testimonials and ground-truthed examples, we are reminded that leadership is an exhilarating and humbling practice that calls on its practitioners to deepen knowledge of self, embrace and harness the potency of diversity and remain fearless and inspiring servants of the common good. And maybe most importantly, that cultivating these strengths within a community of likeminded pilgrims might be the essential and highest calling after all.”
Brian Boyd | Executive Director, Forest and Sequoia Foundations

Everything We Know About Leadership tells the story of ALF and reminds me of the importance of dialogue and collaboration. It also makes me realize that changing the world for the better requires both.”
Alex Bunin | Public Defender, Harris County, Texas

“Successful leadership in our ever changing world requires cultivated team building among mutually respectful participants inspired to work together in an open and inviting environment towards common goals. They epitomize a dedicated commitment to address problems and seize opportunities by sharing experiences, knowledge and innovative ideas through dialog, collaboration and consensus building, all in accordance with the tenets of ALF.”
Ed Wulfe | CEO, Wulfe & Co