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This week marks the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon.  When most people think of this historic event, they think of Neil Armstrong being the first human to walk on the moon.  But it was John F. Kennedy’s, “We Choose to go to the Moon” speech that made it all possible.  It could be argued that his speech on this issue was one of America’s greatest examples of leadership in the 20th century.

Klamath Basin Water Rights

This video gives an overview of the ALF Oregon October 5 & 6 gathering to discuss the Klamath Basin water rights.  It’s a very complicated issue that is a perfect case study for the type of leadership opportunities that are present in America, today.  These issues touch upon all of the values which were addressed in the book.

Leadership in a Culture of Openness

by Erika Justis, ALF’s (Silicon Valley) VP of the Common Good Collaborative

Is openness necessary for an organization to succeed today? ALF welcomed Charlene Li, founder and current Managing Partner of the Altimeter Group and the author of The New York Times bestseller Open Leadership to join us for a Symposium on the subject. Charlene was in a fishbowl dialogue with Chris Block, Luther Jackson and Greg Papadopoulos.

Charlene proposed that Facebook and its fellow social media apps have changed the way we interact, and thus changed expectations in the work environment.

“For people that you’re hiring and working with this [Facebook] is their way of life.  They’re used to communicating and connecting with people in very different ways. The expectation now is to have openness and transparency and a sense of authenticity in their relationships. So what is the nature of the relationship between someone who chooses or aspires to lead, and those they want to follow them?”

Luther called it “creating the container.” It is the leader’s responsibility to create the space where openness is welcome and productive. “It’s critical to build the container where dialogue can happen, and that’s the leader’s key role—to spend a lot of time building the container and then let the magic happen.”

Greg offered that this container and culture is now critical to hiring the best talent. Any other culture is seen as outdated or undesirable. “If it’s anything short of an open environment or Facebook’s style of interaction and sharing, or ‘my voice is heard’ or making a comment, it’s like ‘Where am I?’ It’s a culture question—who do you want to attract? You certainly won’t attract anyone of this generation or anyone in their thirties at this point without it.”